Choice, within Packs, and Units.

Some Products listed in our Shop such as Starter Armies and Unit Builders, have a choice of items shown like this;

  • 2 x REN0128/REN129/REN0130/REN131.

What happens generally with these products is that we pick them from our stock here as to complete the Order as quickly as possible.

We try not to give ugly multiple of packs if we can, we know you’d like a good mixture of the models available.

But… if you would like to pick your specific packs, from the ones listed on the Product page, then we can do that.

Normally we ask Customers to fill their requirements into the Order Note box at the Checkout of the Cart, but if you have already placed your Order, don’t worry, we can to do it manually though email. (

Picking packs in this way can slow down your Order, but if you are willing to wait a little longer, you WILL get the minis that meet your specific requirements.

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