June Mail Order blog

Oh, my…

Thanks for that…

In May’s blog I moaned we were slow, and had a 20 odd order backlog…

Well thanks to the Stock Sale, not only did you lot hoover-up a load of our great minis, at knockdown prices, but many people also ordered back-ordered items, on top… Which leads to the MASSIVE 85 Order backlog you see in the photo…

Thank you to every one that ordered, honestly you folk are smashers, you really are… but obviously this will take some time to work through.

So, I’ll get my head down and work though all this.

Order with special requests, odd mixes of minis, or no horses etc. always take the longest, please be patient. If you have any issue please use the form on the main Contact Page, it’s THE best way of getting into my face.

And… if you want minis, and you want them fast… choose those that are in stock for next day dispatch.


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