July ’24 MO Update


Some kind of normality has returned.

Backlog of orders down to the ‘teens, all the oldest orders, predating the stock status changes, are now clear.

We’ve a couple of larger orders, which are oldest. My apologies go out to Gi****** S*****pa (#32363) & Do**** H***er (#32377), and all others with orders in the backlog, you are my priory over the next few days.

We’ve fiddled with the stock control fields in the database. Now ‘back-ordered’ items will be shown as either requiring casting, in which case expect a 10-day wait when ordering, or remoulding necessary, which is up to 28 days.

Hopefully will be a more honest assessment of where were are with order turn around.

The biggest issues as far as remoulding goes, are the 17thC ‘heavy’ & hussar horses. Those moulds are D E A D… and all the products that use them, are either low in stock, or out with a 28-day wait. Rest assured casting from the new moulds will be absolutely peachy, and worth the wait.

Right, I’ll crack on.


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