It’s the weekly Mail Order Update.

It’s been a very productive week here at TAG Shed-quarters, not only have we caught up significantly with out Mail Order Back-log, now down to about 10 days (although there are a couple of huge Renaissance orders older than this, which are almost ready to dispatch) we’re almost back with in ‘normal’ working conditions… which about a 5 days behind… ­čśĽ

Not only this, but we also have the first of our Zombie packs cast, and ready to ship, and we have finally, finally, finally, finished all the Halfling Rooster Riders for the Backers on our Kickstarter from last year. These last Reward bundles have been huge, and we are currently triple checking them now before dispatch.

Thanks to those that order Jintsi, your minis will be dispatched next week.

Once again thanks for showing patience in this busy period, it really does help not to have to be ‘fire-fighting’ with a back log like this but working though methodically, and the lack of emails, tickets, phone calls and PayPal disputes has really helped, ta. ­čÖé


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