Italian Characters & more Tatars added to the Cart

April Releases

As scheduled, April’s new release miniatures go on SALE!

Four new packs added to our Online shop today.

Six new miniatures for the early Italian Wars, a mounted General and three Characters, and six new 28mm mounted Tatars.


As we move to complete our early Italian Wars project, we are starting to add ‘Commands & Characters” to the armies.

These two packs are for our Italian range, which covers the period from approximately 1495 to 1535.

Full details as follows;

Hopefully adding a little more colour to this an already fantastic range.


At the behest of a customer, we’ve added two more packs of Tatars to our Eastern Renaissance range.

These six mounted miniatures, have been given fire-arm to stretch they’re time frame right up into the 19th Century, and maybe (The Back of) Beyond.

Details as…

Plus I’ve added a unit builder, similar to our bow armed one.

Unit builders offer better value for money at the expense of a little choice, as we pack what we have, that fills the Order as swiftly as possible.


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