Imperial Spanish Cavalry, The Greens

Blimey, I am absent-minded… In my rush to get these Imperial Spanish cavalry to ‘market’ last Spring, I forgot to post the pre-production images of the original greens, when try arrived from the sculptor.

So, in an odd twist, here are the originals of the minis you may already have bought.

The Imperial Spanish cavalry in this period, 1560 -1610, are a mixture of the then current military styles. At the very top of the pile are Gent D’armes, of which more later, but the close behind those traditionally heavily armed troops are the slightly more lightly armoured Caballos ligeros.

We’ve made 9 of these with armour over cassocks, and high boots for riding. These models are cast open-handed, but we do supply lances in the packs.

The next mounted innovation are these Herreruelos, lightly armoured pistoleers in the early Reiter mould.

Again, 9 models, with most of the men depicted with pistols, but the odd one with an arquebus or early carbine

and finally, the lightest of the Imperial early-modern cavalry, the Herguletier.

6 models in cassock and arquebus, used for supporting other more aggressive cavalry.


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