Halfling Yeomen on Armoured Roosters Released

Yeomen of the Yard

Following on from our recently successful Kickstarter, I’m today delighted to announce the full general Release of these charming models.

The Yeomen of the Yard are our armoured halfling Knights, which we mount either on armoured Roosters, or on the armoured ponies we have been using for our Dwarves.

Armoured Halflings

The full details of the release, is as follows;

All the above minis are mounted on armoured roosters, like these…

Or we have the same models mounted on armoured ponies.

Missile Militia

We were also asked during the Campaign to add more fire power to our ‘obbit militia, so these four packs have been added.

Infantry packs contain 5 x 28mm  miniatures, whilst mounted packs contain 2 halfling riders and 2 mounts. Character packs are 1 mounted & one on foot.

All packs are £10 each through the Online Shop.

Unit Builders.

Once again, we’ve collated these new models into Unit Builders. Unit Builders get maximum models for the best price, at the expense of a little choice. All Builders are £45 for either 25 Halfling on foot or 10 mounted models.


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