Gobudai Warg riders on Pre-Order

Hi Folks,

Following on from our recently successful Kickstarter Campaign, we are today adding the Gobudai warg riders to the Cart for Pre-Orders.

For those that missed the Campaign, the Gobudai are a mix of classic Old School goblin wolf riders with an Eastern twist.

We’re making 16 new models like this to be delivered in October this year.

So, for those that missed out, or those that prefer not to use Crowdfunding sites, these models will go on Pre-Order today for two months.

These are the full SKU details:

When these minis go on General Sale they will Retail at £10.95, but for this Pre-Order they are pegged at £10.00 for 2 x 28mm minis and warg mounts.

We’ve also conbined these models into our popular Unit Builders 5 packs of white metal minis for only £45.00 on Pre-Order.

This is their SKU details:

All these excellent new models are being sculpted by the very talented Mr Sergio Alonso Leon.


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