Full-on into February

Full-on into February

Greetings TAG Fans,

Welcome to the TAG Fun time February Blog.

A few things to waffle about, firstly of course, Mail Order…

Its Mail Order Update bit…

Everything is fabulous in  TAG Mail Order.

We’ve less than a dozen Orders in hand, nothing over a week old, and our ‘Issues’ folder is clear, so we’re right on top of it.

Congratulation are due to Mark in the Casting Room, Sue here in the Mail Order dpt, and Antar on IT duties, their work over the last couple of years has turned around our ‘Wargames Standard’ MO service, into something to be proud off.

What do Points make?

Super excited about the new TAG Reward Points scheme.

Reward are gonna be really big with us… Finally a way we can Reward you for all the hard work, put into our minis, after we’ve sold them to you.

You can earn Rewards for images of our minis submitted to our Gallery, or by writing reviews of any Product you have purchased in the last couple of years… and… we’ll Reward you for straight-up Purchases… 5 pts for every £1.00 spent, a great value loyalty scheme.

Get details on the link, and start earning Rewards though the TAG site.


Gosh, finally joined the 21st Century with an appearance on, what I’m told the young people call, a You’sTube…

Check out this nice little review of Imperial Japanese Army minis, here.


Thanks go out to Ken at Miniature Wargaming Warriors.

Subscribe to him, and give our vids a Like, and hopefully you’ll see more of our minis on his Channel.

Armoured Roosters Release.

The Halfling Armoured Yeomen, Funded though Kickstarter, will be on general Sale real soon…

The final Backer Rewards will leave next week, and Yeomen will go on Sale as soon after.

We Funded about a dozen new packs last October, and we’ll be adding more though Crowd Funding later in the year.

So if you like tiny chaps, with hairy feet, keep it tuned to TAG in 2020.


News on tiny bits, renaissance dolls, and the return of the old Freebie models, next week…



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