WWII Freebie list

Japanese Freebies

  • APJ-a Sapper digging
  • APJ-b Banzai Officer
  • APJ-c Casualty
  • APJ-d Bugler

American Freebies

  • APM-a Marine eating Chow
  • APM-b Marine with Browning shotgun
  • APM-c Big John
  • APM-d General

German Freebies

  • LWG-a NCO with Ppsh40
  • LWG-b Major Stransky
  • LWG-c Helga

Soviet Russian Freebies

  • SVR-a Sergeant Michael Egorov and Victory Banner No5
  • SVR-b Soviet officer

British Freebies

  • BPC-a Stubborn mule
  • BPC-b Major Lumley
  • BPC-c Capt Green

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