Ultra Modern Freebie list

Afghans Freebies

  • BAB-a Afghan in cape firing from the hip
  • BAB-b Osama Bin Laden aiming AK47
  • BAB-c Tracy Burka

British Freebies

  • BRT-a Tim Collins.
  • BRT-b Piper
  • BRT-c Medic
  • SAS-b One that didn’t get away’ (Andy McNab!)

Chechen Freebies

  • CHN-a Kneeling firing
  • CHN-b Advancing with sniper rifle
  • CHN-c Chechen with AK

Chinese PLA Freebies

  • CPL-a Chinese PLA sniper.
  • CPL-b Chinese PLA trooper with Type-88 MG, firing prone.


US. Freebies

  • DEL-a Delta in shades
  • LFX-a Marine smoking stooge.
  • LFX-b Marine Molly with Alice pack.
  • LFX-c Reporter
  • RGR-a Ranger carrying AT4

African Freebies

  • DRA-a Somali brandishing captured M16.
  • DRA-b Warlord with Dragunov
  • DRA-c The General
  • DRA-d Head-hunter

Iraqi Freebies

  • IRQ-a Saddam Hussein with rifle.
  • IRQ-b Saddam captured
  • IRQ-c Saddam resisting

Russian freebies

  • RRI-a Squad Leader
  • RRI-b SVD sniper

Civilian & Corporate

  • OCG-a Suicide bomber
  • SWA-a Medic
  • SWA-b SWAT with Barrett M95 Sniper Rifle

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