Renaissance Freebie list

Aztec Freebie

  • AZT-a Sacrificing priest
  • AZT-b Eagle Knight
  • AZT-c Porter
  • AZT-d Captive
  • AZT-e Quachic

German freebie

  • REN-a Casualty
  • REN-i Devout Trooper

Polish Freebies

  • REN-b Haiduk with flagon

Russian Freebie

  • REN-c Priest

Turkish Freebies

  • REN-d Officer

Cossack Freebies

  • REN-e Drunken Cossack

Tlaxacalan Freebies

  • TLX-a Porter
  • TLX-b Warrior with two handed Maquahuitl

Spanish Freebies

  • REN-f Conquistador slashing
  • REN-g Wife with Gourd
  • REN-h Wife with Basket

Tudor Freebies

  • REN-j Henry VIII
  • REN-k Mary
  • REN-l Tudor Standard-bearer


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