Medieval Asia Freebie List

Samurai Freebies

  • GEM-a Samurai with severed head.
  • GEM-b Warrior monk with Naginata pointing
  • GEM-c Peasant with two daggers walking.
  • GEM-d Follower impaled with Tachi

Mongol Freebies

  • MNG-a General with eagle
  • MNG-b Foot Mongol with axe
  • MNG-c Standard bearer

Song Dynasty Freebies

  • SNG-a “Mr Chop ”
  • SNG-b The Ambidextrous One
  • SNG-c Casualty

Sui Dynasty Freebies

  • SUI-a Guard with axe

Tang Dynasty Freebies

  • TNG-a Tang Dynasty casualties
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