First Mail Order Update of 2018!

Greeting TAG fan…

Welcome to the first Mail Order Update of 2018.

As things stood at the Christmas Break, we had 5 Orders outstanding in the MO dept, these have all now been completed, and are on there way to there respective destinations, thank you for your patience if you been waiting for the last 10 days or so.

So, currently we are working on about 40 Orders that arrived in the 10 day break period, obviously this is a bit of a back-log, but not an insurmountable issue.

I estimate that it will take us, about 5 or 6 working days to get though this amount, so that anyone who is currently in the cue, will see their items shipped by Thursday or Friday next week, at the latest. As always I’d ask you for your patience, but if you do have any issues please take a Ticket and I will do everything possible to assist.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Orders that arrive today, and that happen to catch us with the stock necessary for Completion, will be delayed, oh-no, as with many small orders that left yesterday, and we are running our daily trips to the Post Office, to ensure that all the Orders, that can leave, do so as swiftly as possible.

Mail Order Updates will continue to be bi-weekly though-out the majority of 2018, unless of course ‘issues’ arise that I feel are necessary for us to inform you about.

Happy New Year.

Cheers pete


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