On Saturday August 10, 2024 at Nottingham Trent City Campus.

Errrrr… turns out the chaps from BritCon assumed I was an attendee for the Show… and I forgot to tell them I was less bothered, but now they have me ‘on the list’, I’m inclined to drag my sorry-ass out of bed and do the event with full vigour.

So Saturday the 10th & the until 2pm on the 11th of August, you know here I’ll be.

BRITCON, Nottingham’s biggliest, British Independent Gaming, Event.

Use the Coupon BRITCON202420, for a HUGE 20% off collection discount, if you get your Orders in good time. Please don’t leave it till the Wednesday before to order a huge army… I hate to disappoint…

Get ya’sen dahn, as we say locally… if I’m making the effort, you can.