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Completely forgot to show off these WIP shots of our recent Maurician Dutch Infantry.

32, blooming’ lovely, 28 mm minis represent the Dutch after the reforms of Maurice of Nassau in the mid 1580s and have the claim to be the world’s first Modern army.

The Commands

A couple of packs of command minis, like so…

As always we try to make a couple of Command groups for a unit type, nominally Standing & Advancing. Really they are interchangeable and should find uses in other P&S armies of the period (1585 – 1615).

Open-handed Sergeants, will come with cast halberds/partisans/officers spear mix, but the Ensigns (shown in armour) will need addition wire for the standard pole.


Of course Pikemen were still the bulk of these new formations. But now they were grouped into smaller, shallower, formations than their Spanish opponents.

We’ve equipped these models with broad-square tassets, back and breastplate and helmets with a slight swoop to their rims… with plumes.

Shot troops

But Pikemen are only a third of the story. Dutch regiments were also two thirds shot troops. Earlier in this period arquebusiers were the norm, but increasingly musketeers came to dominate the formations.

Our arquebusiers are shown in a selection of soft hats, and stiff collars. Our Spaniards have more ruffs and a few helmets for contrast. Both have powder flasks and match cord for detail.

Towards the end of this period Dutch infantry were mostly musket armed.

The new heavier super weapon required a rest for firing, and de Gheyn’s many stepped drills, to exercise. We’ve given our Musketeers a bandoleer of powder flasks, worn on the opposite side to our Spaniards, in addition to their flask and match.

All these models were of course sculpted by the hugely talented Mr Nick Collier

As I pointed out at the start of this, unusually for us the WIP shots are going Online after the models went on sale… so if this lot tickle your fancy, why not go along to the Shop, and purchase…


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