Double Points

TAG are delight to announce that we will offer DOUBLE Reward points on all Orders, and Images, and Reviews.

Reward points have proved to be a huge success with TAG customers, and why not, of course they have, everybody likes to get a little back, that little extra something that just completes on the shopping process.

Reward Points are our way of saying “Thank You” with a big smile.

So, for the next two weeks, we’re giving back DOUBLE POINTS!

Until 15th of September 2021 you’ll get 10 points for every £1.00 spent…


200 Points for signing up, as an incentive, to get even more people involved…


We’ll DOUBLE points, for image uploads to the Gallery Pages, 200 (2 whole Pounds) for each image we approve (Approval can take a day or two, especially at the weekends)… and you don’t have to paint like a pro to upload, enthusiasm trumps ability here at TAG, so don’t feel shy, if you’re not the world’s best painter.


DOUBLE POINTS for Reviews, which is ridiculous, But we really do want you to Review your purchases. Reviews build trust, and that builds sales for us. So order up a load of tiny parts, Review them for us, and bank the points for a latter major purchase (Xander 😉 ).


Points, earned now cheaply, can be redeemed later, on say, Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Sale items for even more bang for your miniature buck.

Two weeks… Crack-on.


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