Crisis 2018, Collection Discount Code

Crisis 2018, Collection Discount Code

With Crisis 2018, Europe’s Premier Wargames Event, less than a month away, today we’ve added the Collection Discount Coupon to the Cart. This allows those who would like to place Orders for collection, to do so.

The code, shown below, is a straight 20% discount on all products.

Unfortunately the Cart will still add the Shipping Charges. We can’t get round this, so on small Orders (under £58) the Discount only offsets the price of Shipping. But if you want a large amount of packs, or you want specific packs, particularity Weapons & Equipment, which we struggle to stock at Events, this is the way forward.

This is the Code;


The Coupon will close at midnight of the Sunday the 28th of October to give us time to cast, pack & collate the orders.

Please Order Early, and we’ll make sure your exact requirements are catered for.

Dutch Renaissance Release

At this Years Event, TAG will Release the first of its long awaited, Long War range of 28mm models.

The first minis will be Dutch Militia & Sea Beggars. 24 models for the Revolt of 1568, and the early part of the war with Spain

Early next week, we will add these 6 – 8 new Products to our Online Shopping Cart.

This will be a PRE-ORDER, so we can anticipate demand, and Organise Collection Discounted Orders for the Event.

It is expected that we will have pictures of all these excellent, Nick Collier sculpted models, on the 25th of October.

They will be on general sale on the 3 of November.


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