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Landsknechts in pluderhosen
Added to the Workbench this week, and into the mould and cast for the sculptor to start work on, are these Landsknechts in Pluderhosen, which have reached the doll stage of thier  production. These miniatures are the first of our range that will be useful for the wars of Dutch Rebellion, where they formed the…
French Royal Swiss.
Shown below are the TAG Swiss miniatures for the middle of the 16th Century, roughly the period from 1530’s -1570’s. Throughout this period, the Swiss were employed exclusively by the French Crown as Elite Mercenaries, and fought for them in the Italian Wars. First on show are our Command groups, 8 excellently sculpted 28mm sized…
Jintsi Released
The latest minis to go on general sale through the new TAG shopping Cart are our Muscovite Russian Jintsi Guard cavalry men. These were used in such small number that when we originally planned the Russian range, we hesitated to make what amount to one tiny unit for the army but thanks to the insistence…
Bear Knight Kickstarter Live!
Pledge now to help TAG add these two new additional packs of 28mm Dwarf Empire Bear Knights on foot to our current range, Funded here on Kickstarter 18 months ago. These 8 new original miniatures represent the Dwarf Knights of the Bear Order, all carrying huge two handed hammers. we are planning on releasing these…
Price Rise Imminent
Hi, Well, I said it was Bad News Week here at TAG, and this one is a real downer… As of the 1st of July TAG will raise all its prices though-out its range of 28mm white metal miniatures. Basic infantry packs containing, mostly, four foot minis, will rise from £6.50 each to £7.20. Cavalry,…
Russian Jintsi
Additions to our Muscovite Russian range are the first new miniatures to features in our new and improved Workbench pages. The Muscovite miniatures that we have are for the period roughly covering 1550 -1675, which to be honest is not a fantastically glorious period of Russian history. Our minis cover all the troops necessary to…
Membership, details Imported.
For the first time, in literally forever, with this change of web site, we have been able to Import all the Membership settings for all excising customers to ensure members a seamless transition from the old cart, to the new. So if your Registered with us in the last couple of years, we’ll have your…
TAG Fantasy and Kickstarter
It may have escaped your notice, but over the last 18 months TAG have added over 100 packs of new 28mm Fantasy miniatures. Our Dwarf Empire and Halfling Militia are just the start of a huge number of exciting, Old School styled minis, we have been releasing through Kickstarter. We will continue with this; in…
Tudor Unit
Renaissance Expansion News.
TAG Renaissance range continues… The range started over 15 years ago, and pretty much the work of one man, Nick Collier, continues to grow with new packs added every six months or so. Next up are a few new models for our Muscovite Russian range; Jintzi, light lancer cavalry, which were used as Guards by…
foot unit with flag
Welcome to our new Home
Greetings TAG Fans, Welcome to the new and much improved TAG Web space. The Assault Group have always striven to make our Online experience as good at modern technologies allow; in the hope that bringing together Gamers, Collectors and Painters from all over the planet, we can create a website that is more that just…
Landsknecht Zombies
At Midnight, the dead rise… Well, the TAG Landsknecht Zombie Kickstarter is Live, at least. Pledge to fund The Assault Group’s transfer of five 28mm Landsknecht Zombie miniatures, from White Knight’s Miniature Imperium. Five new excellent minis; and well-worth bringing fully to as large an audience as possible, we have decided to run them as…
Roosters Released!
It is with huge delight that i can this morning announce the release of the TAG Halfling Militia range, including our recently Kickstarted Rooster Riders! There are over thirty new packs of 28mm fantasy miniatures; everything from Commands and swordsmen, to Roosters and Piggyback riders… These are the full details of all the minis; HLM001…
Landsknechts Released
It is with huge personal pleasure that this afternoon I can tell the wargaming world, that TAG have added 8 new packs of Landsknechts miniature to our online shopping cart. These Landsknechts are for the very beginnings of this famous troop types history, a period which stretches from the middle of the 1480’s until approximately…
Landsknecht Arquebusiers and Command groups
Completing our mini range of Early German Landsknechts are these four packs of new minis. Designed for the period 1485 through to 1520, these minis are for Early German armies, and Mercenaries in the armies of France, Florence, England, the Papacy and others These minis will go a general sale early in November.

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