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Mail Order Update, and Stuff… 01/12/2017

Hey! Mail Order Update for the week, is that we are flying though at the moment, no orders over a week old, a large number (most) of the orders leaving within a working week, and I know in an age […]

Mail Order Update 23/11/2017

Well, its not all high faluting talk of dusty research, and excitement about new studio paint job minis here at TAG ShedQuarter, oh no, sometimes we have to do some work (dread-word) getting your Mail Orders out to you eager […]

What I have Learnt about Swiss Flags of the mid-16thC

Well that was informative, thank you to all that posted, emailed or Commented, on the subject of Royal Swiss flags in the last 10 days or so… When I asked, I figured that the answer might not be exactly straight […]

Royal Swiss Flags wanted

Hey TAG Hive-mind, I’m looking at get a unit of French Royal Swiss pike and shot painted, but I need information on there Flags or colours. If anyone has details that would help me represent a unit such as this […]

Mail Order Update 27/10/2017

As hoped, we are virtual up-to-date with our Mail Order Service!!! We have 5 (five) Orders outstanding, the bulk of which arrived in the last 24 hours, and we also have one larger Renaissance Order that has been with us […]

Its ALL kicking off!

Big update, so please read thoroughly. Firstly, Mail Order; We’ve got about 30 Orders in-hand from the last three weeks, the larger the Order was, the more likely it is that the Order is to the ‘To Do’ pile… For […]

Mail Order delay, and Ultra Modern News…

First sorry for the bad news, but I thought it was only fair to warn Customers that we currently have about a 40+ order backlog in our Mail Order system. This is mainly as a result of us running out […]

Mail Order again… 13/09/2017

Just as part of a constant stream of info about the state of our world wide Mail Order service, and…. …It’s reasonably up to date, we have a few large orders in progress, and that tends to slow down other […]

THE Steve Dean!

Genuinely excited to have THE Steve Dean, of THE Steve Dean painting fame, adding his great painted TAG Renaissance miniatures to our On Line Gallery. He’s done some tremendous work, check them out HERE!

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