Blogin’ on regardless…

Well, that all escalated rather quickly.

One minute is all spring time and daffodils here at ShedQuarters, the next the planet is in lock-down and we’re all washing our hands five times more than we were a month ago…

So, as my hero say’s, “be like the lion, be like the fox…” we’ll have to adapt.

Firstly, we’ll keep going as long as possible.
Being a small operator means that work and social distancing need not be mutually exclusive.
We’ll keep processing Orders as long as they keep arriving. We have supplies of alloy, rubber and packaging to last over 3 months.

Secondly, we rely wholly on our distribution network partners.
Royal Mail is STILL in operation, and we’ll continue to support them, as long as the continue.

Our UPS Upgarde service is also STILL available, and for Orders over 2kgs in weight, is our preferred option worldwide. We will continue to support UPS, whilst they remain a usable service.

Thirdly, all Orders received up to this point, 12pm March 23 2020, have shipped. We are not expecting delays on these shipments but please… if you do have any problem, contact me first.

Fourthly, we are INCREASING our social media content through our Facebook Page.

href=””>…LINKED HERE…

Join me at ShedQuarters for REGULAR Facebook Live Events.

We’ll do what we can to keep you informed on what is going on as regards TAG releases, Updates & News.

Hopefully we can all get though this together, and in the mean we’ll try to help you keep ‘in the loop’ with Mini-Hobby related stuff, to help pass the time.


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