…and We’re back in the room…

Morning TAG fans,

As you can make out from the images, TAG are back at ShedQuarters.

Our trip to Crisis was massive fun, meeting friends old and new… selling a few toy soldiers and generally having a riotous time…

Thanks must go to the Toy Soldiers of Antwerp Wargame society for they tireless efforts once again. Running wargames shows always looks like a stressful task, but the TSoA manage theirs with smiles all round.

Plus is was a great honour (I’m told) to be made a member of Belgium’s Golden Goblins gaming group. Favours done, resulted in a great Club Member shirt, and campaign badges. I’ll wear the shirt with pride, thanks guys.

Plus, Golden Goblins gave me a copy of their Rooster Jousting game, which they had been playing at the show. We’ll be playing that in the Office at some point, photos when it happens.

We’ll be back next year, for more Euro-fun, see you then 🙂


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