All Quiet on the Mail Order Front

Mail Order Update 14/03/19

Nothing much to report.

Most Orders are dealt-with on a daily basis. No Order we have is over 5 days old, and even large Orders are being delivered in record times. On Order of over 220 packs, took less than 28 days from Order to Delivery.

This is quiet remarkable for us… once-a pone-a-time we were soooooo bad.


Even the “Issues” folder, where all the missing parcel & packing mistakes are sent for attention, is under control .

One Order, to Tennessee, missing some Casualties, other than that… its all nailed-down in the Customer Service Department Sir!

If you know differently of course, Contact can be found here, or an Email to: gets straight to my desk… and I’ll be happy to help. (teeth&eyes smile)

Pre-Order on Vehicles

Out Range of Vehicles are still up for Pre-Order until March 31st, don’t miss-out.

From what has been Ordered so far, its going to be a big year for Vietnam Gamers, as our M113 & ACAV models are proving to be unusually popular.

Deliver for these Pre-Order is expected to be Early May 2019.

Right-o, I’ll be back in a couple for weeks with more regular updates, untill then happy gaming.


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