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Email Issues again.

Sorry People, bad news. Our Email bug has raised its ugly head again, this time, in an interesting twist, we can receive but not send mail. So if your Mailed in the last few day, and very rudely, I haven’t […]

Buy One, Get One Half Price, on Renaissance Starter Armies.

The Renaissance is a hugely interesting and colourful period to wargame, but as an outsider or beginner, it can be a somewhat dazzlingly and confusing era in which to dabble. Also many Gamers like to purchase small quantities of minis, […]

Valois/Tudor round-up Release

This little release of new minis, is something of a ‘dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s’ exercise, these four new packs on 28mm white metal miniatures virtually complete for our Tudor/Valois mid-16th Century ranges. To finish our Valois, we […]

New Valois & Tudor Master moulds, off to press.

I like it when its quiet, I get to sneak into the office and do ‘stuff’ that really should have been done ages ago, but for various reasons keeps getting pushed to the back of the list of thing To […]

Ultra Modern Horrors Released.

TAG – Ultra Modern Horrors Mini range of Politicians, Rioters and Robbers will be on general release this afternoon.   The Range with consist of 32 white metal 28 sized models, Sculpted by Mark Evans. The12 basic types rioters shown […]

TAG Vehicles on Pre-Order

The TAG range of 1/56th scale resin Vehicles, will be open to Pre-Order now, until 31st Jan 2018. After this point they will marked back as Out of Stock, until we have received our Stock in the early March. These […]

Ultra Modern Horrors Kickstarter LIVE!

The TAG Ultra Modern Horrors Kickstarter is now LIVE. The Kickstarter, is hoping to Fund 32 new 28mm & reintroduce to the TAG Vehicle range in the process. The full details are HERE ON KICKSTARTER

Dwarf Bear Knights Released.

Following on from our successful Kickstarter this summer, today sees the General Release of those models that were Funded by that Campaign. There are two new packs of white metal miniatures, 8 different  28mm sized models. These are the full […]

Ultra Modern Horrors

Towards the end of November, TAG will be running its first Kickstarter Project for Ultra Modern miniatures. Styled Ultra Modern Horrors, the Campaign will feature over 40 new miniatures, additions to our Western Civilian & Corporate ranges. The nightmares  begin […]

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