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Mail Order Update 15/07/2017

err… Quite frankly its a hell mess… Massive sales in late June coupled with a strong start to July including some HUGE Renaissance and Fantasy orders mean that we are about three week behind in sending out bigger packages. Luckily, […]

Long War plan pt 2

This blog continues from last weeks rabble about the TAG work in progress on the Dutch Rebellion, and the Long War that resulted from it. In the previous piece I wrote about Dutch and Spanish forces, and out lined our […]

Long War plan pt 1…

If the previous Blog was about the ‘gaps’ in the current Renaissance ranges, and how they are likely to be filled, this post is more about where we are at present with our planned  expansion work. Nick is currently engaged […]

Mail Order Update 01/07/2017

WOW! Really, wow… Thank you to everyone that ordered in the last few days making June 2017 has been a record month for us, the best EVER! in our 15 year history. Now, obviously that’s created a lot of work, […]

Trying to look forward

Amid all the chaos and hustle of everyday activity here at TAG, its sometimes necessary to stop, have a look around, and work out the direction of progress in the next couple of years, with regard to our premier range […]

It’s the weekly Mail Order Update.

It’s been a very productive week here at TAG Shed-quarters, not only have we caught up significantly with out Mail Order Back-log, now down to about 10 days (although there are a couple of huge Renaissance orders older than this, […]

Just how long is the Back-log?

As of this afternoon the new Tech here on the TAG site tells me that we are currently running about 42 orders behind, with some of those stretching back as far as the last week in May, sort off three […]

Mail Order Update 13/06/2017

Well it’s sort of good news… As of today, thankfully we are ‘only’ about two weeks behind in our Mail Order backlog… which means if you ordered through the old site, your order will be winging its way to you […]

Its Bad News Week.

Sorry to bearer of Bad News, but this is a bit of a theme of this week. Today’s Bad News is that we are currently behind by about three weeks in our Mail Order shipment. We have particular issue with […]

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