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First Mail Order Update of 2018!

Greeting TAG fan… Welcome to the first Mail Order Update of 2018. As things stood at the Christmas Break, we had 5 Orders outstanding in the MO dept, these have all now been completed, and are on there way to […]

New Valois & Tudor Master moulds, off to press.

I like it when its quiet, I get to sneak into the office and do ‘stuff’ that really should have been done ages ago, but for various reasons keeps getting pushed to the back of the list of thing To […]

Mail Order Update 22/12/2017

Well that’s us done for Mail-Order for this week and for 2017 in general. We’ll be Back in Full Effect from Tuesday 2nd January 2018, and Mail Order Updates will continue, probably bi-weekly, in the New Year. We currently hold […]

Mail Order Update 15/12/2017

Second to last MO Update of the year, last one before the UK postal deadline, and quite frankly we are cruising… Less than a couple of dozen orders in, a number of whom are either, on the Vehicle Pre-Order list […]

Mail Order Update 08/12/17

Weekly Updates on Mail Order between now, and our Holiday Break at the end of the month, and I’m pleased to report its all good News. Twenty something Orders in hand, most less than five days old and none over […]

More information on Swiss flags

In my continued search for some interesting flags for my Royal Swiss Unit, I’ve been in communication with a with a Customer who very kindly took a camera to his copy of… “Schweizer Flaggenbuch” from 1942, which includes a chapter […]

Mail Order Update, and Stuff… 01/12/2017

Hey! Mail Order Update for the week, is that we are flying though at the moment, no orders over a week old, a large number (most) of the orders leaving within a working week, and I know in an age […]

Mail Order Update 23/11/2017

Well, its not all high faluting talk of dusty research, and excitement about new studio paint job minis here at TAG ShedQuarter, oh no, sometimes we have to do some work (dread-word) getting your Mail Orders out to you eager […]

What I have Learnt about Swiss Flags of the mid-16thC

Well that was informative, thank you to all that posted, emailed or Commented, on the subject of Royal Swiss flags in the last 10 days or so… When I asked, I figured that the answer might not be exactly straight […]

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