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Landsknechts Released

It is with huge personal pleasure that this afternoon I can tell the wargaming world, that TAG have added 8 new packs of Landsknechts miniature to our online shopping cart. These Landsknechts are for the very beginnings of this famous […]

Landsknecht Arquebusiers and Command groups

Completing our mini range of Early German Landsknechts are these four packs of new minis. Designed for the period 1485 through to 1520, these minis are for Early German armies, and Mercenaries in the armies of France, Florence, England, the Papacy and […]

Halfling Rooster Riders

No turning back now, TAG Halfling Rooster Riders live on Kickstarter now Follow along and Pledge now on this link  

Photo Uploads Live

Hey TAG fans, if you have pictures of your painted TAG minis we’d love you to Upload them to your own personal Gallery space here on the TAG site. Go to your Profile Page, scroll to the bottom of the […]

Finishing up…

Up dated the KS Backers on Tuesday with the news and the picture shown here of the last, well almost last some people still haven’t given me their choices, of our successful Kickstarter campaign the Dwarf Empire. Now these are […]

New Morning, New mould

As part of our policy of constantly replacing ripped or burnt-out moulds, this is the new DEM023 Dwarf Guards with two-handed swords mould. As you can see its working perfectly so I can crack on today and send out the […]

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