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Price Rise Imminent

Hi, Well, I said it was Bad News Week here at TAG, and this one is a real downer… As of the 1st of July TAG will raise all its prices though-out its range of 28mm white metal miniatures. Basic […]

Its Bad News Week.

Sorry to bearer of Bad News, but this is a bit of a theme of this week. Today’s Bad News is that we are currently behind by about three weeks in our Mail Order shipment. We have particular issue with […]

Russian Jintsi

Additions to our Muscovite Russian range are the first new miniatures to features in our new and improved Workbench pages. The Muscovite miniatures that we have are for the period roughly covering 1550 -1675, which to be honest is not […]

Its the Bloggy bit

Hey, Welcome to the new TAG Bloggy bit, this the place where we’ll post all that day-to-day information about the workings of the organization, whats going on with preparation for releases, the state for the Mail-Order backlog and a load […]

Membership, details Imported.

For the first time, in literally forever, with this change of web site, we have been able to Import all the Membership settings for all excising customers to ensure members a seamless transition from the old cart, to the new. […]

TAG Fantasy and Kickstarter

It may have escaped your notice, but over the last 18 months TAG have added over 100 packs of new 28mm Fantasy miniatures. Our Dwarf Empire and Halfling Militia are just the start of a huge number of exciting, Old […]

Renaissance Expansion News.

TAG Renaissance range continues… The range started over 15 years ago, and pretty much the work of one man, Nick Collier, continues to grow with new packs added every six months or so. Next up are a few new models […]

Welcome to our new Home

Greetings TAG Fans, Welcome to the new and much improved TAG Web space. The Assault Group have always striven to make our Online experience as good at modern technologies allow; in the hope that bringing together Gamers, Collectors and Painters […]

Landsknecht Zombies

At Midnight, the dead rise… Well, the TAG Landsknecht Zombie Kickstarter is Live, at least. Pledge to fund The Assault Group’s transfer of five 28mm Landsknecht Zombie miniatures, from White Knight’s Miniature Imperium. Five new excellent minis; and well-worth bringing […]

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