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Late Landsknechts arrive at ShedQuarters

Up North, family business. Last weekend was our semi-regular visit to Newcastle, to see  Sculptor Nick Collier. We collected 9 new packs of Late Landsknechts, 36 new minis. These late period Landsknects are for the period 1550 -1580, the final […]

Mail Order Update, and More Land Griffon News…

Hey TAG fans. Mail Order Update for the 23 of March 2018. And everything is running really smoothly. Over the last couple of weeks since the last Update, Orders have been leaving on a daily basis and even larger Orders, […]

Dutch & Spanish Infantry dolls off to press

Dutch & Spanish moulds As part of our work on the Long War range of miniatures, I have today been master moulding the Infantry dolls, used for both the Spanish troops, and their Dutch adversaries. Dutch & Spanish Dolls Dolls […]

Dwarf Land Griffons Released.

Added to our Dwarf Empire range of white metal miniatures today are the long awaited Land Griffon mounts for our dwarf Knightly Orders. The original Dwarf knights we inherited from the White Knight’s Miniature Imperium are mounted on very small, […]

Mail Order Update 09/03/18

Greeting TAG fans. This is the Mail Order Update for early March 2018. We currently have NO BACKLOG! We currently have only 4 Orders in-hand, and none of these over a few days old. The last 10 days or so, […]

Last of the Vehicles on the Cart

The Last of the TAG Resin Vehicle models, have today, been added to the Shopping Cart. What we have are here; Vehicle List  There are very few off them, less than a handful, and when they are gone, there are […]

Mail Order Update 26/02/18

Greetings Everyone. This is the Mail Order Update for the end of February, 2018. And quiet frankly, everything is super… We have less than a dozen Orders outstanding. All of these have come form the last five days or so, […]

Email Issues again.

Sorry People, bad news. Our Email bug has raised its ugly head again, this time, in an interesting twist, we can receive but not send mail. So if your Mailed in the last few day, and very rudely, I haven’t […]

TAG PayPal.Me

This is the new TAG PayPal.Me page, its a direct link to our PayPal account. Its for sending money directly to us, without having to Shop through the Cart in the normal way. A great new idea from PayPal (?!?).

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