Author: Peter

Email Issues again.

Sorry People, bad news. Our Email bug has raised its ugly head again, this time, in an interesting twist, we can receive but not send mail. So if your Mailed in the last few day, and very rudely, I haven’t […]

TAG PayPal.Me

This is the new TAG PayPal.Me page, its a direct link to our PayPal account. Its for sending money directly to us, without having to Shop through the Cart in the normal way. A great new idea from PayPal (?!?).

Mail Order Update 06/02/18

Hey Folks, This is the semi-regular Mail Order Update for the first week in February, and apart from those Orders that came in over the weekend, we are pretty much up to date. Thanks you everyone that Order over the […]

Valois Starter Army Added for DBA-RRR offer

Hey People, I complete forgot, that we can add another Army, to our list of DBA-RRR Starter Armies, this time it the French Valois for the end of the Great Italian War,  the full details for which  can be found […]

Last 24 hours on Vehicle Pre-Orders

Last Orders at the Bar Please Ladies and Gentlemen! The TAG Vehicle Pre-Order Scheme is live ONLY for the next 24 hours or so, so if you’d like some of these excellent 1/56th scale models, Order now for delivery in […]

Email, Issues resolved, and Mail Order Update 25/01/18

Its all good News for a change… The Email Issues of the end of last week have all now been resolved, and our Accounts; shopping@, info@ and wholesale@, are now all functioning perfectly. So, if you’ve got question or or […]

Email Issues

We are currently experiencing ‘Issues’ with our Email. We aren’t entirely sure why we aren’t able to receive Emails, but it is a problem that has persisted since before last weekend (20th Jan 2018), and is still on-going. If you […]

Last Few Days to Pre-Order TAG Vehicles

OK, its running close to the deadline for Pre-Ordering our, 1/56th scale Resin Vehicles, so if you are keen to get some of these lovely models, whist they are available, please get your Pre-Order in before the 31st of January […]

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